10th Anniversary


Well, the day has finally arrived.  On the 16th, my wife and I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage.  I wish that I could say it has been easy but it has been hard work.  I think that is what makes it last though, hard work.  Anyone that says it is easy is lying.

Our story isn’t anything that romance novels are based on.  We met at work.  She was a clerk and I was an assistant manager.  I know, a manager shouldn’t date an employee.  Well, once we knew that this wasn’t just a fling, I asked for a transfer.  Luckily, there were two other stores in our town so this wasn’t hard.

There was some jealousy soon after.  I became friends with a girl at my new store and maybe I was too friendly.  Nothing ever happened between us and nothing was going to happen, but that still caused some problems.  Obviously, we worked through those issues.

I was then given the opportunity to transfer to a new store in another city.  We decided to move there together.  Things were pretty good until I got a promotion to run my own store.  It wasn’t the promotion that caused the issue, but other private matters.  I would go into detail but there are people who might read this that she doesn’t want knowing the details.  Once again, we were able to overcome the difficult time and move on.  Months later, we were married.

We had a rather small wedding, mostly because that is what we wanted.  We did the usual honeymoon in Cancun and all was good with the world.  The week after we get back, we found out she was pregnant.  Now, we were not really expecting this and completely caught off guard.  We were planning on having kids, but not so soon.

While pregnant, we moved again.  Our son was born and everything seemed good.  Financially, we would struggle off and on.  Even though I had a good paying job, she was unable to work due to the fact that we lived in a small town.  There were no opportunities for her that would cover both the cost of childcare and still have money left over.  It was in our best interest for her to stay home.

I battled depression and finally decided it was time for a change in careers.  This of course meant we had to move again.  This was fine with her.  We would be closer to family and she would be able to get a job.  Things seemed to be going pretty good, until after about a year or so I had a bit of a nervous breakdown and quit my job.

Months went by and I still couldn’t land a new job.  We were in the process of moving (again) when on the day before we were to go she hands me a letter.  She tells me that this move will provide an opportunity for us to re-evaluate or relationship.  She wants to separate and see what happens.  I am heart-broken.  I knew things had been weird between us, but I didn’t know that it had become that bad.  I moved in with my parents and finally found a new job.

This new job sucked ass.  I’m pretty sure my boss never liked me, which makes me wonder why she even hired me.  The job didn’t last long and she soon told me to turn in my two weeks notice.  So there I was, still trying to work on my marriage and out of a job, again.

Even though I was out of a job, I still continued to get my wife back.  We got together quite often and things were looking good.  I finally got a new job but it was going to require a lot of travel.  It was a job though and it was something I would be good at.

I would be gone for 2 to 3 weeks at a time, but we would talk every night or Skype.  Even though I was gone, we were doing good.  After about 2 years, I found a new job that would bring me back home and make a bit more money.  We bought a house and things were really good.

Of course, being this has to do with me, the good stuff doesn’t last long.  That same year on the day after Thanksgiving, my father dies.  My wife calls me at work to tell me to rush to my parent’s house.  I got there too late.  My wife met me at the front door, crying and shaking her head no.  It was one of the worst days of my life.  She was there for support throughout the entire ordeal.

A few months later, I was given an opportunity for a new job doing something that I really enjoy.  I took that job and am still there today.  We still have the occasional fight, but nothing too serious.  We are both looking forward to celebrating our 10th year together.

Financially, we are nowhere near where I would like to be.  Every month, it gets a bit scary to look at the bank account.  Despite this, I am still going to take her away for the weekend.  She doesn’t know that we are going anywhere and won’t know until the morning of the 16th.  It won’t be anything too fancy, but at least it is something.  She deserves to have a relaxing time and I hope that she enjoys it.  Maybe in a few years, I will be able to take her on a second honeymoon.


In Love With Being Fat


Photo:  onenewspage.com

Have you ever been skimming through articles and see one that makes you go, “What the fuck!?”  Of course you have.  It’s 2017 and everything is on the internet.  I don’t get too surprised by things but today I was definitely saying, “What the fuck!?”

There is a lady in Fort Worth, Texas that at one time wanted to be the fattest one in the world.  That’s right, the fattest and not with a p-h.  Now, I am all for body positivity.  Not everyone can look like Kate Beckinsale and that is okay.  Even those that seem to have the perfect body find flaws in their looks.  I do have an issue with someone wanting to be 500+ pounds and unhealthy.

To consumer over 10,000 calories a day and get up to 700 pounds is just stupid.  You are asking to die before you are 30 (this lady happens to be 28).  If you are bedbound due to obesity, then that is a problem.  The amount of pressure and stress that you are putting on your body is immense.  There have been numerous studies done on the effects of obesity on the human body and clearly this girl has not read any of them.

To further her stupidity, she has already suffered two miscarriages and is pregnant again.  She should not be getting pregnant.  I can’t believe there is someone willing to have sex with her.  Obviously, she has some sort of mental disorder.  I mean, who in their right mind would want to weigh 700 pounds?  She can’t take care of herself so why should a baby have to suffer?

My only hope is that she gets some serious help and that she can repair some of the damage to her body.  She will probably have health problems for the rest of her probably short life.  The man that has helped her get this way should also seek help.  If she were to die, he should be charged with assisted suicide or homicide.  He should share the blame for what she has done to herself.

If a baby is born, it should go to a loving family that will care for it and teach it to make good choices.  Otherwise, it could turn into a 300 lb. 2-year old.  This whole story should make you sick.

School Dress Codes


Photo: Instagram

Who remembers high school?  For some of us, it was the best times of our life.  For others, it was okay.  For the rest, it was horrible.  It has been 20 years since I was in high school and I’m sure some things have changed while others have stayed the same.  The nerds still get picked on, the athletes are popular, and everyone thinks that life will treat them fairly.

One thing that I know hasn’t changed is that all schools still have a dress code.  I remember seeing girls get in trouble over the length of their shorts and they were nowhere near as short as they are now.  The one thing that I don’t remember is if people got as bent out of shape about is as they do now.

As I was killing time during my afternoon break, I came across an article that was talking about how “distracting” female students are over what they wear.  Evidently, there was a note from some teenage boys that said the girls don’t value the male education by dressing like a ho.  I will have to call bullshit on that one.  I know that I’m old, but that seriously does sound like bullshit.  When I was 16, it didn’t matter what the girl was wearing; if she was cute then she was cute.  Sure it was nice when the weather warmed up and they started to wear those Umbro shorts (who remembers those?), but even if they were wearing a sweater and loose sweatpants, I was still attracted to them.

No matter what they were wearing, I never once thought that they didn’t value my education.  And believe me; they were not dressing that way to get my attention.  I wish they had been, but sadly, I doubt any of them even remember me.  That is enough of my sadness.

Whoever these boys are, they need to be slapped upside the head with an encyclopedia.  Side note:  before Google we had to look up stuff in books in this building called a library.  Sometimes we had to talk to someone in order to get information.  End side note.

Anyways, I’m sure these boys are not being forced to look at these girls.  With a little something called will-power or by not getting so easily distracted, these kids won’t even notice what the girls are wearing.

Blaming the girls is not the answer.  Blaming the boys may not be, but since they are the ones being idiots it is more fun.  When did kids become such sensitive, little snowflakes that they can’t concentrate when there is a little bit of skin showing?  Is this what happens when everybody gets a participation trophy?

The boys need to make the first move towards adulthood and treat the girls with a little respect.  Unless that girl is fully nude in your English class, what’s the problem?

Human Emotions


Human emotions, why do they have to be so complicated?  Is it because we don’t want others to know how we truly feel?  Are we that afraid of what others think?  Or, is it just the fear of being vulnerable?  As a guy, I can say yes to all of these questions.  For women, I have no idea what the issue is.  There are days that you know exactly how they feel and then there are those days that you just want to fast-forward through.

I know what you are thinking, “It’s just another guy down playing the emotions of women.”  Actually, no I’m not.  Guys are just as bad as women, if not worse.  I am just simply saying that since I am not a woman, I cannot speak for their reason but I can question them.

For instance, let us just say that there is a married woman and a single man.  This woman falls for the single man and makes plans to be with him after she is able to get a divorce.  Now, the divorce was going to happen with or without the single man so you can’t really blame him.  The time has now come for them to be together and the woman has decided she might not want a relationship.  She wants time to think over things.  How much time?  She doesn’t know.

You can understand how this could frustrate the man.  His emotions are now in a tail-spin.

Now, let us take a look from another side on this scenario.  The woman has just gotten out of a failed marriage.  The man who she thought she would love for the rest of her love turned out to be the wrong guy.  As the divorce is finalized, she starts thinking about her mistake and that she doesn’t want to do that again.  Why would she rush into another relationship?  And yes, she has a child and so does the other man.  Hopefully she has taken that into consideration.  Her child should now be the most important thing to her and she needs to do everything in her power to raise him/her correctly.

Kids can affect our emotions in the strangest ways.  I was once an emotionless bastard (and can still be one) but after having a child, I’ve changed.  So maybe after spending some time alone with just her and her child, she decided to take some time for herself.  That time could be a month to years.  In this time, she needs to do what is right for her family.  Jumping into another relationship that may or may not work probably scares her.

Whatever emotions may be running through her head, hopefully they will lead her to make the right decision for both her and her child.  The other man will either wait it out or move on.  If he moves on, then maybe that should be a sign that this girl isn’t the “one”.

Emotions are one of those pesky things about being human.  Some people are super-emotional and some are almost non-existent on the emotional spectrum.  For those of us that are in-between, we have to fight over which emotion we will carry for the day.  Once we get that figured out, it can be a fight to either keep that emotion or change it.  As people get involved, our emotional state changes and depending on the person, that can be good or bad or both.  The trick is to not let people always control your emotions.  Take a moment.  Take a deep breath.  Count to 10.  Whatever it takes, just keep your emotions in check so that others can’t use them against you and you don’t end up throat-punching the person next to you.

Idiot Celebrities


Photo Credit:  TMZ

Well, it has happened again.  Another celebrity was caught being stupid.  I’m not referring to Tiger Woods and his DUI, does anybody really care about that.  I’m talking about fucktard Kathy Griffin posing for a photo shoot with a bloody Donald Trump head.

How could someone pose for a photo like that and not expect some backlash?  You would have to be a special kind of stupid to think that.  To publicly hold the severed head of a sitting President is just asking for trouble.

After the photo came out, she was fired from her New Year’s Eve gig on CNN.  Why she was ever hired, I don’t know.  She isn’t funny and is barely famous.  She is just another example of Hollywood stupidity.

It seems that normal people lean on what celebrities say, and I don’t know why.  For example, I like Matt Damon but I’m not going to listen to him talk about gun control. That’s right, Jason Bourne wants to ban guns.  I know that it is just a movie, but you can’t promote gun control and a movie with heavy gun violence in the same week.

I’ve mentioned it before, but celebrities should not be our source for news or really anything.  They are paid to entertain us, not inform us.  Matt Damon does great work with water.org and Gary Sinise is heavily involved with our veterans, I applaud their work in that aspect.  However, when Katy Perry is standing up and telling me to vote for Hillary; I’m sorry there is something wrong there.  The same person that kissed a girl and liked it and married Russell Brand is going to tell me who to vote for…no.

Celebrities can share their opinions, that is fine.  Just don’t make it national news.  Their opinion is just like everybody else’s and shouldn’t carry any more weight than yours or mine.  The only thing that they should be doing is making movies or music and allow us to form our own opinions instead of forcing theirs on us.

Hot Car Deaths


Now that the Memorial Day holiday has come and gone, most people have officially started summer.  With summer comes hot to extremely unbearable weather.  For those of you that live in the north and have to deal with temperatures below zero, it is now time for those of us in the south to have our turn and deal with temperatures above 100 and even above 110 degrees.  I am not here to give a weather update, but more of a public service announcement.  Please double check your car before locking it and walking away.

It is a shame that we have to be told this, but too many children are being left to die in hot cars each year.  According to noheatstroke.org, an average of 37 kids have died due to heatstroke after being left in a vehicle since 1998.  This number is way too high and I’m sure all of these cases could have been prevented.  Unfortunately, there are too many fucktards out there that can’t remember putting their kid into a car.  Because of this, the same website is already listing 9 hot car deaths for this year.

Nine kids have died and it isn’t even that hot yet.  I have walked out of the house and locked my keys inside, but I have never forgotten my kid.  It amazes me that parents have used the excuse of forgetting their kid was in the car.

When driving with a child in the car, I suggest following the left shoe process.  After buckling your child up, remove your left shoe and leave it in the back seat.  Once you step out of your car and realize you are missing a shoe, you’ll also remember you have a child in your possession.  This may seem easy, but you would think that remembering your child would be easy enough.

I know most people won’t read this and a lot more won’t care, but it is bad enough that we have senseless killings going on every day; we don’t need kids dying when it could have been prevented.  I hope that more people read this or at least spread the word on ways to prevent these deaths.  I would really like for the number of hot car deaths in 2017 to stay at 9 and be at 0 in 2018.

Congrats Grads


Well, another academic year has come to a close or is coming to a close.  Most schools have already held their graduations with more to come in the next few days.  You now have a new class of students going to college in the fall and thousands of graduates entering the work-force after college.  There will be those that will have no problems with attaining employment after graduation.  Usually, those people have medical degrees or other specialized degrees.  Then there are the rest of them.

There will always be those graduates that will have trouble getting the job they wanted after college.  Those kids who live in an area where internships are hard to come by or don’t have the finances to go somewhere that offers internships and have a place to live.  You can say that they could get a night job, but that might not cover expenses.  I remember being one of those kids.  I would work two jobs in the summer to get ahead financially for the upcoming school year.  Along with that, most of the internships that were available were not in my field of study.

I eventually landed a job in the retail sector but it only lasted for 7 years.  I then bounced from job to job until I landed in the IT field.  I’ve had many ups and downs to get to a job that I enjoy.  The salary isn’t quite what I would hope for, but happiness and a work-life balance makes up for that.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you might not get that dream job right after graduation.  You may have to settle until the right one comes along.  Even if you do have to take a job that you don’t really want, the experience from that job may come in helpful.  Experiences, in both professional and personal matters, are what makes us who we are.

My advice to any new grad would be to make the most of all the experiences and maybe keep a journal so that you never forget them.  Always remember the people that got you where you are and thank them whenever you get the chance.  Congratulations to all of you and good luck.

Asshole Drivers


Why do people turn into idiots when they get behind the wheel of a car?  Does it depend on the type of car or is it the type of person?  It seems I run into a different idiot every day.  You would think there would be more accidents on the road with these people driving, but I guess they are just lucky.

People at a four-way stop are one of my biggest pet peeves.  Most people either hold up traffic by letting everybody else go first or go when it isn’t their turn and cause an accident.  If you arrive at the stop at the same time as somebody to your right, then they are to go first.  Just remember, the person to the right has the right of way.  If you arrive at the same time as somebody that is heading the opposite direction (you’re heading North and they are heading South) and you are making a left-hand turn, then the other person has the right of way.  If you are making a left-hand turn, you just have to wait.

Another pet peeve of mine is people that don’t understand what the speed limit is.  I don’t care if you go over the speed limit, that is between you and the cops if they catch you.  I speed at times so I can’t judge you on that.  My issue is with those people that never reach the speed limit.  For instance, when you are getting onto the interstate from the on-ramp you should be going the same speed as the other motorists.  That means if the speed limit is 70 mph, don’t try to merge when you are only doing 50 mph.  Also, once you are on the road be aware of what the speed limit is.  Don’t keep going 35 mph once you get into a 55 mph zone.  If you want to go that slow, then find another road that will allow you to go at that pace without holding up others.

Of course, the problem doesn’t stop with people’s driving habits.  Pedestrians are also a problem.  It is a state law (at least in my state) for vehicles to stop at a crosswalk for pedestrians.  That isn’t the problem though.  My issue is with the pedestrians that take their sweet ass time in crossing the street.  These are probably the same type of people that are stupid enough to block highway when protesting.  In other words, idiots.  Quit dragging your feet and get to marching your dumb ass across the street.  Chickens have crossed roads faster than these people.

All I really want is for people to pay attention to their surroundings and be a little more careful when they are behind the wheel of a 3000 lb. vehicle.  If you don’t, then you probably deserve whatever accident you cause.

Celebrities Complaining Again


So, the repeal of Obamacare has started and of course everyone is having a hissy fit.  The problem with this is the people that are being pushed in front of the media are rich.  While they should have an opinion, this is where their opinion is shit.

As a normal, middle class person; this affects me more than it affects the likes of Chrissy Teigen.  Insurance rates are currently out of control.  If your income is low enough or your family large enough, you can get free or almost free insurance.  For the rest of us, we can have low rates as long as our deductible is extremely high.

If I had the income of Chrissy, I wouldn’t care.  My husband is rich, I’m rich; I’ll pay for my private insurance with no problems.  Unfortunately, I’m not rich.  I make less than $45,000 a year and my wife makes less than that.  We make too much to qualify for any assistance or subsidies, so we have to pay for our health insurance.  I can get insurance through my job, but for my family of 3 it is just over $600 a month.  That is more than my house payment.

So when these Hollywood celebrities start complaining and fighting for the average American, I find it hard to believe.  They may or may not have come from humble beginnings but now they make more money in a month than I will all year long.  They should not be the spokesperson for America.

When you want to discuss something that will actually affect people, maybe the news outlets should speak to the average American.  The dairy farmer that is struggling because of bad weather.  The factory worker that was laid off because it was cheaper to move the factory overseas.  Try talking to the average family of three or four that have decent jobs but are still struggling.

News outlets won’t do that because there is too much truth to that.  They only want their sound bites from some hot chick that is worth millions or some other random celebrity.  All these companies care about are ratings or clicks on their website.  If they actually cared about Americans, they would do the right thing and talk to those of us who want change and are willing to let an egomaniac try to help because we lost all hope in the previous command.

It is time that all these millionaires quit complaining and whining and maybe try to do something that will help the rest of the country.  Until they decide to do that, all I want them to do is make a not crappy movie or put on their skin tight dresses and wiggle around on Lip Sync Battle.

Sex Ed Gone Wrong


Well, there seems to be some teachers that still care about their students out there.  Only problem is, the care a bit too much.  It seems that every week there is a new story about a teacher or school professional getting in trouble for having a sexual relation with a student.  I want to look at this from both sides, as a parent and as a guy.

If you read through these stories and get to the comments section, you will see two types of people; those that want to give the kid a high-five and those that condemn those people for their remarks.  Now, I can understand where both sides are coming from.  You have an impressionable teenager engaging in a relationship with a supposedly mature person, it shouldn’t be allowed.  Even though age of consent laws vary from state to state, the older person should know better.

I was once a horny teenage boy and if one of these teachers had flirted and made moves on me, I don’t think I would have said no either.  With my hormones in overdrive, I would have jumped at the chance if any of my teachers had been hot.  I had maybe one teacher that I would have wanted to sleep with.  The teachers that have been caught are anywhere from very cute to hot.  If I did have one of those teachers and something had happened, I sure would have kept my mouth shut.  For one, who would have believed me and I wouldn’t want to take the chance of it stopping.

These kids are bragging too much or making something too public.  If you have a hot 20-something female wanting to meet up with you every couple of nights, sometimes with her friend, you keep your damn mouth shut.

As a parent though, it is a completely different story.  I only want the best for my child and to protect him from the dangers of the world for as long as I can.  If I were to find out that his teacher took advantage of him in that way, I would ensure that she saw the inside of a jail cell and that the school was also punished.

The school is just as guilty in these situations as the individuals.  As an employer, they should be watching closely for any irregularities in the actions of their employees.  They should also be more involved with the care of those that are under their supervision (kids).

One of the newest stories in the past couple of days involved a 16-year-old and a janitor at the school.  Now, the janitor looked pretty good so I don’t blame the kid.  The problem is, this all happened over Facebook.  How do the parents not see it?  If your child is living in your home, and is still in high school, you should have complete control over their life.  They may not like it, but it is for their protection.  I would rather my kid hate me for a few months than to have something terrible happen to him.

Some of you will agree with me and some will not.  That is fine.  This is a sensitive subject.  How would you handle this situation?